Dankor Industries - Ecomiser Dishwasher



  • Maximizes washing efficiency and provides a clean environment
  • Minimum required wash and rinse temperatures
  • Built-in electric heater with 2 powerful rinse pumps
  • Constant pressure and temperature
  • Pumped liquid detergent and rinse agent - Automatic pumped drain


  • Raises incoming water 140oF 180oF hot water sanitizing
  • Variable time cycles (25~207 seconds)
  • Maximum rack capacity of 55 racks per hour
  • Automatic water fill, automatic start/stop
  • 3 factory preset options (55/40/30 racks per hour,65/90/120 seconds per cycle):
  • 46 seconds powerful wash, 10 seconds dwell time, 9 second hot water rinse.
  • Stainless steel non-clogging wash and rinse impeller
  • Easy change hanging remote control panel
  • 304L stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Either straight-through or corner applications
  • Large, easily removable, large capacity, one-piece strainer
  • Solid state, integrated LED display controls with status indicators
  • Low-noise and large output 1 Hp resin washing pump
  • Door coupled by stainless steel, spring counterbalanced handle. S.S. bearing
    guided for ease of operation and long life.
  • Rotating/pressing rinse impellers, both upper and lower, different feature
  • rinse nozzles are easily removable and interchangeable for cleaning and inspection.
  • Factory installed vacuum breaker and pressure regulation
  • Door actuated start
  • Service diagnostics

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